Streaming platforms, take note: we want to see these 19 series that you do not have in your catalog

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If you have been a fan of television fictions for a long time, you will treasure in your memory more than a series that you have not seen since … well, since you saw them in their dayto. Because unless you have had the prudence to buy them in domestic format, trust that at some point they will reach one or another platform of streaming it is an authentic risk (cultural) activity. Much more in Spain, with fewer distribution channels and more trouble with issues such as dubbing and broadcasting rights.

Still, nothing prevents us from raising our voices and claim to the high instances of streaming that we need to review all these series. We remember them one by one and we tell you how they are being broadcast in the United States and what possibilities there are of them being reunited with the Spanish screens.

'Alfred Hitchcock presents' (1955-1965)

Alfred Hitchcock

The legendary mystery, suspense and terror series produced by Alfred Hitchcock it was seen a few years ago, like so many of that time, on satellite channels in Spain, but the arrival of streaming ended up volatilizing it. Although it is owned by Universal (in fact, it was seen here on Calle 13, of the company), in the United States right now it is in Hulu (Disney). We'll see what happens when Peacock arrives, from which we hope he dusts off a few Universal classics … and if that has an impact here.

'The Unknown Dimension' (1959–1964)

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The essential Rod Serling series whose impact on fantastic television still resonates today He has never been very lucky in Spain, where he has always had an erratic distribution and has remained unreachable for long periods of time. As now, although in the United States it is one of the many series that can be seen on CBS All Access and, therefore, and as usual, also on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

'The prisoner' (1967-1968)

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This legendary British series, as influential (for example, 'The Good Place' owes a lot) as unknown to a large part of today's public, enjoyed a remake starring Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel in 2009, but it didn't last long. The story of the mythical Number 6, a spy trapped in a surreal prison in which he begins to doubt his own identity, is a wonder that has never passed through the streaming Spanish and that in the United States can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

'Sad Song of Hill Street' (1981-1987)

Hill Street Blues Serie Television 655x368

Steven Bochco and Michael Kozoll's groundbreaking series spanned seven seasons, won nearly a hundred Emmys, and was originally broadcast on NBC. His way of posing the plots, sometimes episodic and sometimes with long arches He changed the way of producing television and is currently on Hulu, in a case similar to 'Alfred Hitchcock presents', because the series is actually owned by Universal.

'The great American hero' (1981-1983)


Although it enjoyed great success in Spain due to its privileged broadcasting hours, in the summer afternoons of the eighties, what guaranteed that a whole generation of kids would take a nap to watch this superhero parody, the original series was not a success in the United States. That is why it has been a relative absent in retransmissions and others, of course in Spain, but also in the United States. The original is from ABC, that is, from Disney, so anything is possible, but considering the company's lack of devotion to its own catalog, it is worth questioning whether we will see it in the short / medium term.

'The A Team' (1981-1983)

The A Team

Another mythical series of the eighties that after the fall of satellite television has not been seen much in Spain, although in the United States it has continued to make the round of channels owned by large corporations. Like other Universal series, like 'A Crime Has Been Written,' it may end up stopping here on Amazon Prime Video.But you can always wait to see what happens with Peacock, the already mentioned future Universal platform (if it arrives in Europe). Similar destinations have run legendary series from the past such as 'The Fantastic Car' or 'The Beach Watchers'.

Cheers (1982-1992)


The mythical and even today (we guarantee it: we have the DVDs) tronchante sitcom starring Ted Danson, Kirstie Alley and a very young Woody Harrelson is not reachable in Spain. In the United States, however, it can be seen on CBS All Access, CBS's streaming platform, and in others that have distribution agreements with it, such as Hulu or Netflix. Precisely through the latter we have received CBS All Access series as the new incarnation of 'Star Trek', so we must not lose hope. Another option is that, as its spin-off 'Frasier' -also on Hulu-, and being both from Universal, we may see them in the future in Peacock.

'MacGyver' (1985-1992)


The quintessential handyman of the eighties has been missing from Spanish television since the earliest days of satellite television. It is owned by ViacomCBS, so in theory it could be seen here on any platform (In the United States, for example, apart from the CBS platform, it was on Amazon Prime Video, although now it is not being seen anywhere), but the series of the time are not usually among the most disputed.

'Batman – The Animated Series' (1992-1995)

Dc Top 5 Batman Legacies The Animated Series Cover

One of the best animated series for all audiences and perhaps the best incarnation of Batman outside of comics is this series that has never had excessive success in our country. Now in the United States, is (only two seasons) in DC Universe, so he may end up on HBO Max, like anything from Warner. Maybe in the medium term we will enjoy it again here.

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'Doctor in Alaska' (1990-1995)

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The story of a young doctor from New York who had to move to practice his profession in an Alaskan town had touches of both surreal and costumbrista humor, giving rise to an authentic cult series. It lasted six seasons and also belongs to the CBS catalog, but it is not currently available on any platform, neither American nor Spanish. Quite possibly, the future sequel on CBS itself with the same actors will bring the original back into circulation.

'Find your life' (1990-1992)

Fox Image

The quintessential cult series from the 1990s is This indescribable, insane and anarchic sitcom starring Chris Elliott as an adult newsboy who lived with his parents. It was originally broadcast by Fox, and it is possibly they who share the rights, but part of these belong to its producers Chris Elliott and David Mirkin, who retained them until the beginning of this century without allowing the series to appear in domestic format alone. because they did not have all the exploitation rights of the soundtrack. So it is unlikely that we will see it any time soon, neither here nor in the United States.

'X-File' (1993-2002)

Mulder And Scully X Files 700x450

Another series that forever changed the world of television science fiction, with its mix of episodes to what monster of the week and long plots that spanned several seasons. It's on Hulu right now in the United States, which makes sense, because it's owned by Fox (i.e., now by Disney). We may not see it on Disney +, but … what about the future European version of Hulu?

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (1997-2001)


The legendary series that launched Joss Whedon to stardom (more about him below, since it is a complication to find his series currently) is owned by Fox, which opens a moderately hopeful future not for the series and its broadcasts, but for the franchise itself. Fox is was bought by Disney, and Disney has Hulu, where the series is currently airing in the USA, so we may see it on Hulu Europe when it arrives. But also, with Disney behind, is there perhaps a chance that the series will be revitalized in some way, with a remastered one in shape, perhaps even with spin-offs in other media? We will see…

'The West Wing of the White House' (1999-2006)

west wing

Aaron Sorkin's seminal political satire and hallway drama series is a Warner production, but aired on Universal's NBC.. Currently, neither for you nor for me: in the United States his seven seasons can be seen on Netflix, so his future in Spain is unknown. Both HBO Max and the future Peacock seem especially suited options for a flagship series like this.

'Futurama' (1999-2013)

Futurama Nueva Kgw U80546451453hsb 1248x770 Rc

One of the classic series whose future is clearer, since it has always been owned by Fox, which now belongs to Disney. What's more, as a sister series of 'The Simpsons' She has always lived linked to the FOX channel, and perhaps how she ends up calling Disney +, in a move that would guarantee more than a faithful adult to the platform without compromising his family focus.

'Firefly' (2002)


This absolute cult series by Joss Whedon, the best possible replica of 'Star Wars' but with better dialogue, more charismatic characters and much more setback, was a great little flop in 2002. Time has put it in its place, but it still does not have the diffusion it deserves in Spain. Like 'Buffy …', it was produced by Fox, that is, it is currently in the Disney catalog and, in fact, it is broadcast on Hulu in the United States. See if you are lucky when the platform reaches Europe.

'Lost' (2004–2010)

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One of the productions that gave the starting gun to modern television and the current way of consuming series is not on any platform streaming Spanish. In the United States, this Disney-owned series is airing on Hulu. We hope to see her in her next European incarnation on the platform, scheduled for 2021, although do not lose hope: platform series such as 'The Handmaid's Tale', 'The Act' or 'Runaways', among many others, have been seen on Spain in different places.

'Galactic, combat star' (2004–2009)

Galactica 002

Coincident in time with 'Lost', was one of the series that opened the way for the current great health of television science fiction. After a successful stint on Netflix not too long ago in our country, he disappeared and was never heard from again, although he continues to haunt different US channels. Now it is broadcast on Syfy, so it should not be ruled out that it returns to SyFy Spain, where it was for a time. As part of Universal, it is a possible platform trick like the future Peacock.

'Guarded. Person of interest '(2011–2016)


This series produced by JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan is a sharp reflection on artificial intelligence and its scope, after a start that seemed to be pulling more procedurally with elements of scientific fantasy. It was originally broadcast by CBS (it is owned by Viacom) and currently, in the United States, it is on Netflix, so his possible future whereabouts in Spain is unknown.

Disney + is here: try it for free for 7 days. Afterwards, 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros the annual subscription. "Src =" https://i.blogs.es/2b2608/dis/original.png

Disney + is here: try it for free for 7 days. Then, 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros the annual subscription.

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