Stranger Things, will there be a surprising return in season 4? Let’s find out together

The production of Stranger Things seems to have finally restarted and even we can not say with what will happen during the fourth season, the fictional town of Hawkins may find an old acquaintance.

As you will recall, in the season 3 finale Billy, the character played by Dacre Montgomery, he died in his half-sister’s arms after being possessed by a strange entity. But, as we have now learned quite well, nothing is certain when it comes to the Upside Down. In the trailer released some time ago we discovered that Hopper is alive and is prisoner in the desolate and freezing lands of Kamchatka. But how many chances are there that Max’s aggressive and impulsive brother is also?

Drace Montgomery who is currently doing an Elvis Presley production he never completely ruled out his return, in fact in an old interview he said: “I knew from the start that Billy was going to die, we built the character based on this idea, it had to have an ending like this but, we also had other things we wanted to tell about him. Its mysterious past is certainly very interesting“.

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Among other things, the actor has recently posted on social networks an image of him with the classic tousled hair and his typical hawk mustache, suggesting that he is back to work on the set of Stranger Things 4 again. Maybe we’ll just review it through flashbacks. While waiting to find out what this new season has in store, take a look at our in-depth study on Stranger Things.


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