'Stranger Things' and Will Byers have plans for quarantine

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Even the people of Hawkins have not escaped the Coronavirus, quarantine and social distancing. This pandemic already affects more than a third of the earth, and it has not only countries in check, but the entertainment industry. Many are the productions that have paralyzed their filming and many other films and series have postponed their release for several months to ensure a good box office.

'Stranger Things' has not been spared either and Netflix has been forced to cancel filming for this fourth season. The new episodes were to arrive in early 2021, according to David Harbor, but now the release date is up in the air until the team can resume filming. Meanwhile, the official account of the series on Twitter is taking advantage to make a little humor of the situation and tells us plans to do at home during our confinement, with Will Byers as the protagonist.

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Will's routine consists of:

  • 9 in the morning: play on the stairs
  • 12 noon: call friends
  • 3 in the afternoon: see if your head fits between the stair railings
  • 6 pm: have cookies

    Leaving the humor behind, the fourth season of 'Stranger Things' promises to be the biggest one yet, with Sheriff Hopper lost in Russia doing hard labor. How will Will, Mike and company save him? And what will happen to the Inside Out World?

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