Stock Struck Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Stock Struck Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

This program originated in South Korea. Originally, Stock Struck was created within the Korean language.

The first season of the program will premiere on August 12, 2022. The filmed locations are located in South Korea.

Twelve episodes are scheduled for Stock Struck Season 1. We are confident that they will be remarkable.

The trailer has just been released, and you can discover it by looking for the same. Yoo Mi Seo will shortly get married. She is new to trading and has lost money thus far.

Five individuals who have invested within the stock market attend an enigmatic stock conference. There, they gain insight into life, love, and bonds through stock trading.

Choi Sun Woo, age 33, is a figure of enigma. When his duty at the convenience store concludes, he enters a costly import automobile.

Kang San focuses solely on his pleasure, not bothering about a career or obtaining success. He supports himself by working part-time.

Jung Haeng Ja owns and runs a restaurant serving pigfoot. Following his retirement, Kim Jin Bae began investing on the financial market.

Stock Struck is a South Korean television series created and directed by Choi Ji-young, starring Han Ji-eun, Hong Jong-hyun, Jang Gwang, Jung Moon-sung, and Kim Sun-young.

It aired every Friday at 16:00 on the TVING platform from August 12 through October 28, 2022.

Stock Caught The Korean drama depicts how individuals in need of money begin investing in the stock market despite experiencing various fluctuations, and then discover a mentor.

Stock Struck Season 1 Release Date

As previously stated, the release date is going to happen on August 12, 2022. The program will be released gradually.

We believe that two episodes every week would be an appropriate release rate for this program. However, it is already evident that this performance will shatter numerous benchmarks.

The story is convoluted and self-indulgent, and the greatest significant aspect is that the creators for this show have previously produced a wonderful show.

The program will continue until the conclusion is released. The series finale will broadcast on October 28, 2022. People are going insane due to the lengthy wait, which is completely understandable.

Soon, we will be able to view Stock Struck Season 1. That is not a very large, long-running program, but it is a television series.

Stock Struck Season 1 Cast

The cast of Stock Struck Season 1 is engaging and insightful. We may not be able to identify every member of the cast, but the majority of their roles have been confirmed. We wish to emphasize that we do not reveal or divulging the entire story.

These are the only authorized individuals. On this roster, there will undoubtedly be some illustrious individuals. Additionally, you may see a few unfamiliar faces. The ensemble consists of:

  • Han Ji Eun as Yoo Mi Seo
  • Hong Jong Hyun as Choi Seon Ho
  • Jang Gwang as Kim Jin Bae
  • Jung Moon Sung as Kang San
  • Kim Sun Young as Jeong Haeng Ja
  • Go Joon as Choi Jin Wook

This is the entire ensemble of Stock Struck Season 1, and we believe we have listed nearly all of the cast members. They will appear on television soon.

Stock Struck Season 1 Trailer

Stock Struck Season 1 Plot

The narrative of the program is flawless. A enigmatic stock meeting was attended by five individuals who invested to the stock market.

Even from the start, it sounds dubious. However, the actuality is quite different. They learn about life, love, as well as friendships through stock trading. After this, the archetype becomes very intriguing.

Yoo Mi Seo will shortly get married. She has lost money on the stock market despite making modest investments. This occurs when you make investments in the stock market with no conducting adequate research.

Or when you invest in the stock market without any prior knowledge. Choi Sun Woo is 33 years old along with works at a convenience store on a part-time basis.

Likewise, he is an enigmatic character. When he gets off work at the convenience store, he drives a luxurious imported automobile.

Kang San is an individual who prioritizes pleasure and disregards work and accomplishment. To sustain himself, he works part-time.

Jung Haeng-Ja operates her own restaurant serving pork. Following his retirement, Kim Jin Bae began investing within the financial market.

The truth about recaps is that we are unable to recap a show before its release. We must wait until the official release of the performance so we can view it very rapidly, then summarize and brief you on the show.

We are aware of what you are anticipating, just as you are. The show is quickly becoming one of 2022’s most anticipated Korean dramas. The explanation for this may be the show’s plot summary.

The program follows the lives of individuals who have made investments in the financial market. The entire narrative is detailed above.

We’re very eager for the performance. When analyzed in detail, the plot and synopsis of the television program are quite intriguing. Let’s wait for the performance to begin.

She invested every penny she saved for purchasing a property before marriage, and because of her folly and lack of knowledge, she lost an enormous sum in that.

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