Still threats to the author of My Hero Academia, but fans intervene to support him

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Do you remember the problems faced by Kohei Horikoshi a few months ago after choosing the name of Dr. Kyudai Garaki? Unfortunately the choice fell on a name that reminded Koreans and Chinese the Maruta project of the Japanese. The author of My Hero Academia and the Shueisha publishing house worked to correct the situation.

Months later, however, the controversy does not seem to have subsided. In fact, in China there is still a large group of fans who have not accepted the apologies of Kohei Horikoshi in the slightest and have therefore planned a sort of revenge against the author of My Hero Academia. In recent days, attacks and complaints to Kohei Horikoshi have resumed on a Chinese social media.

One of these people revealed that he was in Japan and in mid-April he scheduled a visit to the home of the well-known mangaka, also claiming to be willing to lie about his nationality so as not to arouse suspicion. However, the situation has been noticed by other fans and many have reported the case to Shueisha.

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After the situation became public, many Twitter fans returned to support the mangaka with messages of affection. The situation is certainly created by one of the few extremist elements who criticize the manga by My Hero Academia and it is hoped that after this month everything will end for the best.

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