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 Stephen Lobo is Jim Corrigan / Specter in Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Stephen Lobo is Jim Corrigan / Specter in Crisis on Infinite Earths

It seems that the event “Crisis on Infinite Earths” You can still count on more actors, and it has been officially announced that actor Stephen Lobo joins this crossover of the Arrowverso series to play Detective Jim Corrigan, better known as Specter / Specter.

In the comics, Corrigan is the eventual host of the Spectrum, an agent of the divine spiritual retribution who played a key role in the original Crisis comic and was a founding member of the Justice Society. It is not clear if the Corrigan de Lobo will face the character of Specter at some point during the crossover, but at least that follows from the words of executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

Fans of the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book know that Specter plays a key role, says producer Marc Guggenheim. “We are delighted that Stephen is our Jim Corrigan.

Lobo is perhaps best known for starring in the series “Showcase Continuum” for four seasons. In addition, he has made recurring appearances in other series such as "Colony", "Travelers" Y "Supernatural", although for us, the highlight is its appearance in "Smallville", where we saw it in 2009, appeared in five episodes of that series as Randall brady, editor of The Daily Planet.

Corrigan and his ethereal alter ego emerged from the mind of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and artist Bernard Baily. The character made his debut in “More Fun Comics # 52” in 1940. After being killed in the line of duty, Corrigan's soul refused to move on to the next life and adhered to God's spirit of vengeance.

The arrival of Spectrum was already advanced by actor Stephen Amell a couple of days ago, although at that time he was given another reading:

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