Steelrising: the authors of Greedfall and The Technomancer announce a new action RPG

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The NACON Connect stage acted as a showcase for Steelrising, a new action RPG announced by the Spiders guys with a trailer and set in the Paris of Louis XVI and the French Revolution.

Steelrising is the new development studio project Spiders announced during the NACON Connect, an action RPG in which players will be able to follow the exploits of Jehanne Rousseau and his team grappling with the French Revolution in an alternative Paris, where the automaton army led by King Louis XVI is terrorizing and subjugating the whole people. It will be up to the protagonist called Aegis to stop this reign of terror and try to change the course of history.

The authors of Greedfall is The Technomancer have stated that Steelrising will be much more action-based than their previous titles, with a particular emphasis on exploration and struggle.

Before leaving you to the presentation trailer, we remind you that Steelrising will be released for PC and next-gen consoles, even if no launch window has been provided at the moment. As usual we will keep you updated on further developments.

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