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 Stargirl will be away from the rest of the series but "anything can happen"

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Stargirl and the rest of the Arrowverse

The recent crossover "Crisis on Infinite Earths" It brought the unexpected revelation of the DC multiverse, pinpointing the different DC series very accurately. Thus, although there is still a month left for the premiere of "Stargirl", we are clear where this series fits in with the rest, specifically it is on Earth-2, a parallel land where we have no record of any other series passing. Despite being located in a different land than the Arrowverse of The CW (Tierra-Prima), we are facing the first series to be broadcast simultaneously on DC Universe and on The CW network, one day apart.

It stands to reason that this series will end crossing his path with those of the Arrowverse at some point, but that is still something that is in the air, because in fact, it was not even planned from the beginning as a part of a parallel earth. The production of the first season was finished when the opportunity to place it as part of the multiverse was considered, or at least this is how Geoff Johns, showrunner of the series, explains, explaining that it was an opportunity that arose when Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW , had the opportunity to see the material.

He was incredibly excited about the opportunity of that because it meant that more people would see it. And totally, Stargirl and the series has always been for everyone. Anyone can see it. So it fits very well in that world. It fits very well in things like ‘The Flash’, and that was something new.

Obviously it's up in the air if this multiverse means we'll see Courtney Whitmore and other Earth-2 heroes participating in future crossovers of the Arrowverse. Both Johns and protagonist Brec Bassinger seem enthusiastic about the idea, although crossovers don't seem to be a priority in this first season.

The future is open in the DC multiverse, so anything can happen between film and television Johns says. Who knows? Because that is what the multiverse is. Obviously the main concern right now is making sure this series is great, that these characters are cool, that they have their own stories and that they get the right screen time and the right episodes to play out on their own. So we hope that in the future we can do something fun, but in Season One is all about making sure Stargirl is the best series that can be.

Regardless, there have already been talks for a Stargirl cameo in the series. "The Flash". It was going to be produced this season, but eventually it didn't go ahead.

There's been talk of Stargirl going to a Flash episode, and have a bigger story, but it didn't happen this season. But I think that would be best. Much of my family has seen ‘The Flash' during years.

However, Bassinger is more prone to a crossover with Supergirl, as he believes that an interesting dynamic could come out of it.

Last night I was watching a lot of interviews with Melissa (Benoist), and she is the best Supergirl. I bet Stargirl and Supergirl would be this dynamic duo. That would be just incredible. So yes, my hopes are high. I really, really hope. But for now, nothing is planned, but let's cross our fingers.

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