Stargirl, the season finale anticipates two new villains for the DC series

The finale of Stargirl's first season aired on DC Universe tonight, and as promised, the final scenes we had to watch out for were pretty revealing … with limitations, of course.

In fact, we have discovered that in the second season of Stargirl, Courtney and the JSA will have a lot of trouble, so to speak.

The first is (not too much) kindly offered by Cindy (played by Meg DeLacy), who from the shelves of her father's den, Dragon King, brings out what seems to be the Heart of Darkness, the black diamond capable of imprisoning Eclipso, the incarnation of the Wrath of God (which Cindy herself then confirms to be within it).

The fearsome supervillain, who in the comics has also given Superman and associates a hard time, will therefore be one of the villains that we will see in the new episodes, but let's not forget another disturbing and threatening presence: Shade.

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While we don't know in which incarnation the character will appear in the series, we've already had indications of his presence since the pilot, where we saw him defeat the original Doctor Mid-Nite, and in subsequent episodes, even if only "by hearsay" in conversations. ISA.

It will also end well for now Stargirl and the JSA, but the future already seems fraught with considerable obstacles. Fortunately, reinforcements seem to arrive too …


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