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 Stargirl delayed again, will premiere on DC Universe in spring 2020

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The doubts about the premiere of "Stargirl" it seems that they are cleared with the latest statements given by their leading actress Brec Bassinger.

During an interview on the podcast of YSBNow, the young actress confirms that the series about the teenage superheroine was going to debut at DC Universe in January, but since then it has been delayed until the next year's spring. Unfortunately we do not have a specific launch month.

A second delay – initially the series was to arrive this past August / September – that invites us to think that they are working on further debugging fiction. In fact the rumor continues to circulate that changes are being made in the edition of the series.

That is known officially, “Stargirl”He finished his production in Atlanta this fall and has been in the postproduction phase since then.

This news comes shortly after rumors circulated that the first season of "Stargirl" would move to The CW, note that is currently denied.

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The 13 episode series is scheduled to be released in DC Universe, although it would not be surprising if they repeat the play they will make with the second season of "Doom Patrol" and also have a parallel premiere on WarnerMedia's HBO Max in May.

Via information | YSBNow Podcast |

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