Star Wars, will we see Captain Rex in The Bad Batch? Talk to the writer

For a couple of weeks we have known that, after the conclusion of The Clone Wars, the Star Wars universe will be enriched with a new animated series: it will be called Star Wars: The Bad Batch, will be set after the Clone War and will focus on a group of experimental clones, fugitive mercenaries in search of new adventures.

Given its setting, many fans are expecting the return, at least in the form of a cameo, of some characters to whom they are now fond. One of them is the Captain Rex, and in this regard the screenwriter Brent Friedman it seems decidedly possible.

In addition to that of Dave Filoni, the names of who will write Star Wars: The Bad Batch have not been officially announced, but Friedman wrote the original narrative arc of the Bad Batch in The Clone Wars, and presumably will be part of the team, or at least is already aware of some facts.

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The story of Rex it is intrinsically linked to that of Hunter, Crosshair, Tech, Wrecker and Echo, and has some shortcomings that could be filled in the new Disney + animated series.

As we can see at the bottom of the news, a user Twitter he asked Brent Friedman a question like that. "At the end of the episode A Distant Echo, when they are about to embark on the ship and return within the Republic lines, you have known why Echo never asked about Fives when he stopped Rex? Has anyone ever thought about asking that question? The Bad Batch series could you talk about it?"

The writer replied with a comment: "It seems an reasonable assumption".

Equally reasonable, therefore, seems to be the possibility of seeing Rex in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

It seems that in the future of the franchise created by George Lucas there are 9 new series: here are which Star Wars characters there might be.


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