Star Wars, where did Order 66 come from? There is a theory about the origin of the name

In Episode III of the saga of Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith, and in the most recent series The Clone Wars, Palpatine enacts the famous Order 66, a protocol which proclaims that all Jedi are traitors to the Republic and as such must be executed. Officially there seems to be no precise meaning behind this name.

As always, though, fans want to go deep into every aspect of the franchise and according to many theOrder 66 it is not a name chosen at random from the imagination of the screenwriters, which gives rise to more or less shareable theories about its origin.

A possible interpretation has its roots in history, and calls into question an event related to second World War. In 1942, in fact, the American President Roosevelt signed theExecutive Order 9066, which granted the Secretary of War permission to designate certain areas of the United States as military zones, which became concentration camps for Americans of Japanese, Italian or German descent. There is indeed a certain similarity, on closer inspection, with theOrder 66 of Star Wars: in both cases, it is a question of labeling groups of people as traitors based on their belonging.

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Another rather widespread theory would like to give an origin “demonic” to the name of the protocol of Palpatine. The connection would in fact be with the number 666, associated in Christianity with the Devil, as reported in the Apocalypse of John. 66 would therefore be a reference to the concept of Evil.

For other insights into the universe Star Wars, we refer to the recent statements by Daisy Ridley on her work and those of John Boyega on the representation of different ethnic groups.


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