'Star Wars: the rise of Skywalker' and its box office

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Star Wars is one of the highest grossing sagas in the history of cinema (not to mention the most, not counting the MCU) and every premiere of the franchise gives good proof of this, except for exceptions such as the failure it supposed 'Han Solo: a Star Wars story'. Nevertheless, his films continue to generate millions and the new installment, 'Star Wars: the rise of Skywalker' is not going to be less.

The new installment of the Skywalker saga already has more than 800 million at the box office and he faces his third week with expectations in his favor: experts say he will reach 1,000 million this weekend. But Disney is targeting the previous installment of this new trilogy, 'The Last Jedi', with which it got 1.3 billion worldwide (of which 620 in the United States alone).

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The numbers of this latest installment are still far from those of the film directed by Rian Johnson, although in January there are still no powerful premieres that can shade Star Wars. In fact, the strongest film that arrives is the reboot of 'The Curse', produced by Sam Raimi.

According to predictions, 'Star Wars: the rise of Skywalker' could match the international box office of 'The Last Jedi', but will stay far from the record of 'The Force Awakens', which achieved 2,068 million dollars worldwide, being the fourth highest grossing film in film history.

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