Star Wars Squadrons: scalability of the experience and HUD, speaks the creative director

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In an interview with IGN Japan Ian S. Frazier, Creative Director of Star Wars: Squadrons, has provided some details on the game mechanics and on the fights, particularly reiterating the complete customization of the experience by the players.

Speaking of aesthetic customizations for example, Frazier has confirmed that in multiplayer mode it will be possible to decorate the exteriors of ships and cockpits. However: "Some players won't want to see any of this. No matter how plausible, they want to keep everything as in the movies, more and less and we understand it perfectly. So we created an option that hides all the cosmetics applied by the other players. That way if you want to put a running strip on your TIE Fighter, you will see it, but everyone who activated the option will see a normal TIE Fighter".

Same goes for the cockpit and game interface: "At the beginning of the story, the game asks if you want a standard experience or a more hardcore mode, which eliminates the UI almost entirely so you can only rely on the cockpit readings".

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In short, the personalization and scalability of the experience will be the basis of the game. Before leaving you we remind you that Star Wars: Squadrons (here is our preview) will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 2nd.

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