Star Wars Squadrons, first-person view only: maximum dive for pilots

From every corner of the Far Away Galaxy, gamers have been invited by Electronic Arts to respond to the call of the Empire or Rebel Alliance.

Both the historic and iconic factions of the Star Wars universe are in fact looking for new pilots for a war to fight between the spectacular panoramas of deep space. In Star Wars: Squadrons, fans will be able to board the fearsome Imperial TIE fighters, as well as on the agile and versatile X-Wing of the Rebellion. With an offer that includes both a multiplayer and a single player component, the game is on its way to the console and PC.

Following the reveal of Star Wars: Squadrons, the game's Creative Director, Ian Frazier, specified that the title will only offer one first-person viewtherefore it will not be possible to pass to the third person under any circumstances. In addition, to ensure greater immersion, the EA Motive team has chosen to make the possibility of disable HUD completely, so that you can observe the entire Galaxy from the best of the prospective.

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In addition to confirming the absence of microtransactions from Star Wars: Squadrons, it has already been formalized by EA that the game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next October 2, 2020.


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