Star Wars Squadrons: ‘Escape from the Enemy’ in the short film about the pilots of the Empire

The authors of EA Motive, in collaboration with Lucasfilm and ILM, have made a new CGI movie of Star Wars Squadrons that illustrates the history of the dogfight shooter from the perspective of the pilots of the Empire.

The CG video shown to us by the Canadian software house takes us to the imperial shipyards of Var-Shaa, an alien planet characterized by an ecosystem so rich that it includes lush jungles, boundless grasslands and deep canyons. The protagonists of this trailer are therefore the members of the imperial garrison of instance in Var-Shaa to defend the construction plant of the Star Destroyer Overseer from the raids of the pilots of the New Republic.

The squadrons of X-Wing e TIE whizzing in the most “eventful” situation of the Star Wars Squadrons video represent the playful experience that awaits us by taking part in this battle between Republic and Empire. Lovers of dogfight games and the Star Wars series will be able to try their hand at the main campaign by taking control of a pilot from one of the two warring factions: each fighter will boast different customization elements, with upgrades and improvements for the hull, shields, weapon systems, livery and other components of the ship.

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Star Wars Squadrons is scheduled to release on 2nd October on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with lots of support for HOTAS controllers also on consoles. On the pages of you will find our special on the new Star Wars Squadrons co-film edited by Lucasfilm.


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