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 Star Wars Bus No. 01/02

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Cover of the comic book Omnibus Star Wars nº 01/02

Original edition: Star Wars # 1-25, Annual Star Wars 1, SW Vader Demolished and SW Vader 13-15
Departure date: October 2019
Script: Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen
He drew: John Cassaday, Simone Bianchi, Stuart Immonen, Mike Deodato Jr., Salvador Larroca, Leinil Francis Yu, Jorge Molina
Format: Hardcover cardboard
Price: € 60.00

This December closes a cycle for Star Wars in the world of comics. The main Star Wars series, which was relaunched in 2015 when Marvel regained the rights of the galactic saga, comes to an end in the United States to finish closing the events that starred in our trio of rebel protagonists — Han Solo, Leia Organa and the still in the process of becoming a Jedi Luke Skywalker— between episodes IV and V.

During these four years, Marvel of the writers Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen has been telling us different events that help to expand this universe beyond the Star Wars movies, after they decided that everything that had been told during these years before Marvel – the so-called Expanded Universe – practically fell into a broken sack, forming what they called “Legends”.

In this situation, the publishing house Planeta de Agostini has already begun to bring us what are the super compilations of this Star Wars series, which have already been publishing both in staple format and in the volume of 5-6 numbers. The ban is opened by the October Planet Omnibus compilation volume compiling the first stage of Jason Aaron at the head of the main series simply titled as "Star Wars". We talk about the first 25 numbers of this series, although to give us more context of the events, they add some numbers from the Darth Vader series (although this one will also have its own bus in December).

The story starts practically since the young Luke was responsible for destroying the Death Star, causing nervousness in the Empire and that Darth Vader goes into a rage, willing to use all the resources that are necessary to locate that young man capable of destroying which was the deadliest weapon in the Empire. It will not take long to discover what was once a Jedi that this young man is none other than his own son, whom he considered dead.

Image of the interior of the Star Wars # 1 comic, art by John Cassaday

Image of the interior of the Star Wars # 1 comic, art by John Cassaday

The great protagonist of the comic is Luke, willing to become a true Jedi but not sure how to do it now that Obi-Wan is not there to guide him. An inexperienced Luke will wander through space in his attempt to know the ways of the Force, but in the course he will be involved in a series of events, the less unexpected and dangerous.

The second plot offered by these comics, and to my liking quite dispensable but I understand that necessary for the plot's own dynamism, are the adventures of Leia and Han as members of the Rebellion, while continuing to explore the love tension between both of them. Secondary stories that are intertwined with Luke's adventures.

Without wanting to go into specific details so as not to reveal spoilers, these comics are the perfect continuation for that first Episode IV who managed to fall in love, whenever each one of us enjoyed that movie.

All the aesthetics created in the comics completely add us to this universe, making us believe that we continue to see the adventures of the film created 40 years ago. An entertaining rhythm and with its own intrigue that becomes a more enjoyable read for any fan of the Star Wars universe. Perhaps a separate topic would be how necessary these comics are to expand the history of the films. This thirty comics allow us to know new planes of the personality of Luke or Darth Vader, at least of the versions of these characters that want to tell us in this new stage of Star Wars. They provide a greater context than seen in the movies, but without being an essential element.

Who knows if perhaps in the future the events that are reported here serve as inspiration for future films or series, for example there are numbers dedicated to a not-so-older Obi-Wan Kenobi who must take care of a still child Luke skywalker, at the same time that he faces the fact that the Jedi are no longer part of the current society of the universe and therefore cannot use their skills to bring peace and tranquility to the planet Tatooine in which he is being held, as that would mean endangering his cover, and above all, put young Luke in danger. Curiously, this is a situation not far from the premise that we have been told so far that we will see in the series that is prepared by Obi-Wan Kenobi at Disney +.

Image of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars # 15 comic, art by Mike Mayhew

Image of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars # 15 comic, art by Mike Mayhew

Returning to the theme of the cartoons, it is important to emphasize the careful aesthetics created in these comics, although for these 30 numbers we see an authentic gallery of artists in front of the drawings. In particular I have fallen in love with the drawings we see in the first issues, in front of which are artists such as John Cassaday, Stuart Immonen or Mike Deodato Jr., where we have comics that include plans in which it seems that we are looking directly at The actors four decades ago. A true tracing of some gestures. In later issues we will see a variety of styles from various artists such as Mike Mayhew, Leinil Francis Yu or Jorge Molina.

Many criticisms have been heard online about this editionWell, we are talking about a volume of € 60.00. A fairly high price and little within reach of some pockets, but the truth is that objectively it is justified, because we talk about 30 comics, so the comic comes out at an average of € 2 (lower than for example what Panini charges in their Marvel Deluxe compilations). Therefore, a chord edition for lovers of this "tocho" format. Arguably, it is perhaps that Planet could have chosen to introduce fewer comics, thus resulting in a more affordable bus.

Image of the Star Wars # 22 comic, art by Jorge Molina

Image of the Star Wars # 22 comic, art by Jorge Molina

On the personal level of the edition, it twitches me a little – and yes, I know it can be silly, but I am that maniac – that although it is clear when we finish a comic and move on to another, because we have the image that serves as Cover of this new full-page comic as a separator, we are not told what specific number we are starting. Therefore we have to make a small mental account. They would also have been grateful to include some of the alternative covers of the comics – for example when closing the number.

The second compilation of Jason Aaron's second stage, before passing the witness to Kieron Gillen, will be launched in December.

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