Star Wars and Jurassic World in an episode that is more than a meme

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The fact that 'The Mandalorian' arrives in Spain so many months late means that those of us who are virgins to see the adventures of Mando and Baby Yoda do not know exactly where one of the great memes that has given birth to the series comes from. Effectively, we are talking about the moment Baby Yoda drink soup, which is one of the comic reliefs from 'Sanctuary', the fourth episode in the series.

But this great moment is not the only one that this new installment of Disney + fiction brings us. After the great flight from 'Sin', Mando arrives at Sorgan, a quiet planet to hide and keep a low profile. A peaceful planet but, as we can imagine, the problems do not stray far from where our mercenary is going.

After reuniting (and fighting) with a former colleague, Cara Dune (played by martial arts expert Gina Carano), Mando will have a new assignment: protect villagers from gang of looters. Although he is not interested, we cannot forget that we are facing a western that wants to fulfill the different tropes … and that of a solitary hero who comes to a town that needs his services is one of the most typical.

The hero comes to town in his time of need

Mandalorian Sanctuary

Because 'Sanctuary' is that episode that we have seen in dozens of movies of jeans and even in closer settings and of different genres. In fact, it complies almost step by step with the formula's schemes except, perhaps, that moment in which everything becomes "personal" and a story of revenge.

Bryce Dallas Howard directs the episode and is here to have fun, following the advice of his father. And, the truth is that it shows. It also helps a lot that we find a fairly linear and clear script, like the one Favreau has accustomed us to.

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And we come to the final climax, after all the classic training of farmers looking to learn how to defend themselves against looters and something else. Something that emerges in the darkness of the forest, at night, a deadly mechanical T-Rex known as the Imperial AT-ST. This is no longer just 'Star Wars', it is 'Jurassic Park'.

Mandalorian Atst

Illustration of the AT-ST as it appears in the sequence of credits

In a fully conscious cross between 'Jurassic World' and 'The Forest', Bryce Dallas Howard presents us with the absolute power of this AT-ST monster ready to destroy everything. Thus culminating an episode that reminds us why we like the adventure genre so much and how much fun we usually have with 'Star Wars'.

With 'Sanctuary' we enter in what we could consider the second arc, or the second act, of the first season of 'The Mandalorian'. The first three episodes have introduced us to Mando, his mission and the decision he makes at any given moment. Now it is time to start exploring the consequences, certain that you are not safe anywhere.

We are not facing an episode as "transcendental" as 'Sin', in which we introduced ourselves slightly to Mandalorian philosophy, its thoughts and, why not say it, its rites and customs. Now we are with the Lone Man and his Puppy, tramps, solving mischiefs wherever they go. And we will be every Friday to see it.

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