Star Wars, a video celebrating the fortieth anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back

The empire strikes again, The fifth episode of the Star Wars saga, was released in theaters forty years ago and to celebrate it, an exciting “time capsule” video was released featuring unreleased behind the scenes footage and various interviews with the cast and crew, on how this film was made.

Sequel to Star Wars and set three years after the events recounted here, this is the second film in order of production of the original trilogy of the beloved sci-fi saga created by George Lucas. Recently, surprisingly, it turned out that the director changed the ending of Star Wars episode V after the release, to make it perfectly clear.

Given the great success that “The Empire Strikes Back” has gained over the years since its release, it seems almost redundant to mention it as a fan favorite, but even the stars of the films themselves have indicated it as one of the most loved. In fact in recent days the actor of C-3PO, Anthony Danielsrevealed that he initially considered the debut film to be his favorite, but that over time he changed his mind.

“For reasons that may or may not be clear, I just revised The Empire Strikes Back”Daniels tweeted. “I always said that Star Wars: a new hope is my favorite episode (nightmare to film but with a simple story, not political, without any concern for the color of your lightsaber etc.). But now I have had a revelation, episode V is the BEST! Thanks to George Lucas and Irvin Kershner. ”

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Last year too Mark Hamill, interpreter of Luke Skywalker, admitted that after a difficult analysis, this film is the best of the saga.

“It’s like choosing your favorite child. You all like them for different reasons”Hamill told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about his favorite movie. “I guess I should choose The Empire, just because it was so unexpected that the protagonist was so deeply defeated. Losing the hand and father Vader, everything was quite unexpected. And it was much more cerebral. Yoda is such an addition important to mythology and I thought it was so great for George, the Strength concept, so that we can talk about religion and spirituality without making anyone uncomfortable. So just for that. ”

In everyone’s mind, the sensational twist of The Empire is striking again, when Darth Vader confesses to Luke his real origins, with the famous phrase “Luke, I’m your father”. Is this also your favorite film in the saga? Let us know in the comments, and if you haven’t done so yet, take a look at our Star Wars episode V review.


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