Star Wars: A Jedi attempted to kill Luke before Episode VI

In the new comic series dedicated to the universe of Star Wars the authors have decided to tell the events that separate what is seen in the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, focusing mainly on the character of Luke Skywalker and his growth following the teachings of Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda.

In the last volume of Destiny Path, series written by Charles Soule, Luke, traveling with Princess Leia and Lando Carlissian to Cloud City, has decided to part with them momentarily to take care of personal matters. The young Padawan wanted indeed retrieve his father’s lightsaber, and in doing so he came across a mysterious figure.

It is Verla, a Jedi to be exact, who almost immediately probing Luke’s mind, learns the true identity of Luke, son of the powerful Darth Vader. Thinking back to the tragic events of Order 66 and the subsequent fall of the Galactic Republic, Verla, driven by revenge, decides to kill Luke, causing him to drown.

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As we know, luck is not lacking in our young Jedi, who comes promptly rescued by his loyal droid R2-D2, as you can see in the tables shared on the official website of the series. Recall that a younger Yoda was shown in The High Republic than seen in the movies, and we leave you to our special dedicated to Project Luminous.


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