Star Wars 9 concept art reveals space wolves and a new look for Lando

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As in all productions, conceptual art develops ideas that are never carried out in the final version of the film. Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker has already shown us some of its secrets thanks to the illustrations of its conceptual art.

The Movieweb portal has reported today the revelation of a new aspect of the Lando Calrissian Billy Dee Williams, in addition to the space wolves that J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio they originally wanted to include in the movie. Furthermore, there are certain similarities in this conceptual art with the idea that Colin Trevorrow I wanted to capture this Episode IX.

These images have been taken from The art of Star Wars, published by Abrams Books and Lucasfilm. The Skywalker Rise edition was written by Phil Szostak and includes interviews with the film's director and main actors. On the new image of Lando, the visual artist of the film, Glyn Dillon, he admits, "I wanted to get that upturned brim silhouette of a cowboy hat." "From a distance, when the hat was waved, it looked like that western silhouette," he adds.

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Art also shows Kylo Ren facing off against the space wolves as he searched for the ruins of the Jedi Temple. A rather interesting scene and a shot that certainly makes us think that we could have seen some more details of the search for Kylo Ren.

The art of Star Wars: Skywalker's rise will go on sale, at least in the United States, next day March 31st, like the Blu-ray edition of the movie. This means that we could see new secrets in the coming weeks as the images from the art book become available. Another important fact that was recently revealed is the importance of Rey's last name.

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