Star Wars 9 Ascent of Skywalker Script Colin Trevorrow Forgotten

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Now that 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' has already reached theaters – and we have been able to know what J.J. Abrams has prepared with the screenwriter Chris Terrio – It's time to start taking out the dirty rags to shine.

When a project is changed midway, it is often called a blur and a new account. Well, this is precisely what the team responsible for the last film in the Star Wars universe has done, leaving no trace of the story he once wrote Colin Trevorrow. To talk more about this in depth you have to go back to the first time it was announced that there would be a new trilogy from the universe of Lucas Film, the one that has just put on its final touch and that has a young woman named King (Skywalker or Palpatine, as you prefer to call it, ahem, ahem) as the protagonist. Well, during this announcement it was reported that there were three directors ready to address it. These were J.J. Abrams – responsible for the first and last film of the trilogy that began in 2016 – Rian Johnson – who took care of the second film, for many the worst of the saga but who already has a new trilogy in hand – and Colin Trevorrow. The latter was going to take care of the last film; however, he ended up separating from Lucasfilm for "creative differences" despite having already a script completed.

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Trevorrow and Dereck Connolly had already written the story for 'The Rise of Skywalker' when they broke ties with the studio last September 2017. However, both names appear in the final credits of the film, something that has led to many to think what parts Abrams had kept of this mysterious script. As it turns out nothing at all. Zero potato. But without bad faith, huh.

As Chris Terrio explained to The Wrap: "We didn't have a bad relationship with Colin's material. We just don't start with him"Because both he and Abrams" are a bit superstitious about starting with material that could take us in a different direction than we could have taken naturally. So we don't start with the previous script ". However, do not rule out that you can "there were certain elements that we used that were in the original script, but we didn't know it. "

What would Trevorrow have in mind? We do not know. Of course Palpatine was not in garlic, that has been the idea of ​​Abrams and Terrio exclusively, who have been wanting to make it appear for a long time. But let it be and start thinking about the adventure that Colin is preparing for us: the third installment of the 'Jurassic World' trilogy, whose premiere is set for June 11, 2021.

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