Star Trek, Kate Mulgrew honored with a statue dedicated to Captain Janeway: the photos

The American city of Bloomington, Indiana has erected one statue dedicated to Captain Janeway of Star Trek, iconic character played by Kate Mulgrew, to pay homage to her as an example of “integrity and humanity”.

The actress, who will soon reprise the role of Janeway in the animated series Star Trek Prodigy, took part in the virtual event to answer some questions from the participants, while his co-star Robert Picardo (Doctor) participated via a pre-recorded video.

“Captain Janeway has been a constant example of integrity and humanity in the face of many challenges. She has led the crew home without compromising her principles and has become a role model for an entire generation of young women. Captain Janeway deserves a recognition in Bloomington, the place of his future birth “ said Peter Kaczmarczyk of Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective during the unveiling of the statue.

You can find the photos of the statue at the bottom of the article.

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About the return of the character on the Nickelodeon show, Mulgrew said: “I have dedicated every part of myself to Captain Janeway, and I can’t wait to give her new shades in Star Trek: Prodigy. What a thrill to be able to convey to these young minds an idea that has elevated the world for decades. To be again at the helm it will be a deeply rewarding experience in a whole new way. “

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