Star Trek: Discovery, where we left off

The airing of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery was announced for October 15 in the USA, on CBS All Access, on a weekly basis, while in Italy it will debut on Netflix, in the same manner, the following day. The Star Trek Discovery 3 trailer was nothing short of exhilarating and pumped up thehype to the stars, because this season we will find again Lieutenant Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the rest of the crew 930 years into the future. That is, exactly where the season finale of the second season, after the spaceship Discovery jumped inside a wormhole.

From the short cutscene we saw, the Starfleet crew will be in a part of the unexplored galaxy, full of new dangers and new characters with whom he will come into contact. It will therefore be in perfect harmony with the classic adventurous spirit of the saga created by Gene Roddenberry back in 1963. The Federation of United Planets no longer exists, not even ideally, and has fallen apart for some hidden reason lost through the nearly a thousand years since the disappearance of the micellar-powered spaceship. But how it got there to this situation? Let’s retrace the journey of Discovery, so as not to be caught unprepared for the arrival of what promises to be an explosive third season, as well as one of the most anticipated Netflix releases of October.

The Red Angel

In Discovery’s debut season, during the brief war against the Klingons, the Captain Gabriel Lorca turns out to be from the evil mirror universe – the mirror universe alternative, which has existed in the trekkie timeline since the Classic Series; that of the infamous evil Kirk and the bearded Spock, so to speak – and thus betrays the Federation crew. Once Lorca was defeated at the hands of theEmpress Philippe Georgiou Augustus Lapons Centarus, also coming from the mirror universe and that we find after taking the reins of Section 31, the USS Discovery sets course for Vulcano to welcome the new captain on board. Of course, nothing goes as planned and, in the meantime, the ship receives a request for help by the USS Enterprise, commanded at that time by Christopher Pike (played by Anson Mount), the famous predecessor of James T. Kirk, whose adventures will be the basis of the spin-off Star Trek Strange New Worlds. Pike temporarily takes command of Discovery and, after welcoming a young Spock aboard, wonderfully portrayed by Ethan Peck, follows the origin of seven different signals that seem to have a minimum common denominator.

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Not to mention the mysterious appearance of an ethereal and reverberating vermilion-colored figure, soon renamed the Red Angel. In order not to reveal too much, we will say that the Red Angel it is the result of a temporal paradox. It arises from the moves that will be made to fight and defeat the called artificial intelligence Control, created as a defense weapon by Section 31, which naturally lost control of it.

AI is sneakily taking over the minds of some prominent members of the Federation’s spy agency by making them run a huge risk to the whole Galaxy. To defeat the artificial entity Control, Discovery and her crew must traverse the wormhole created by the Red Angel and remain 930 years in the future, disappearing from the timeline of the present.

Ad Astra

Discovery season two turned out to be a heart-pounding sequel of episodes, full of twists and turns and very focused on interpersonal relationships between the crew. Love relationships that are reborn, such as that between Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and ship’s physician Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz), the conflicting half-brother-half-sister bond between Burnham and Spock, the equally complicated one between Saru (Doug Jones), his sister and his people. In short, a perfectly juggled season between human relationships (or not) and one wide-ranging spatial plot, which left a huge door open to the future that awaits Discovery and her crew beyond the wormwhole in season three. Expectations are literally skyrocketing.


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