Star Citizen will be free to play again for a week

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This week, specifically from May 22, another window of opportunity opens for all those interested in trying the ambitious and eternally expected Star Citizen for the first time.

A new free trial will open the game from May 22 to June 1 and will allow the curious to launch into space exploration that offers one of the most ambitious video games in history and also one of the most distrustful among players by the million raised and the absence of a long-term finished version.

Entering Star Citizen usually costs about 45 euros, since the game is not purchased as such but access is obtained by buying some of the ships available, with that price being the lowest on a regular basis. If you think a lot of money for a title that you do not know exactly what to expect, you can sign up for RSI and wait for this test to start.

So that newcomers don’t get lost some guidelines have been given on how to proceed once you enter the game. We have to leave the room of the Adira Falls complex, where we will wake up. After that, you have to go down the stairs, take the elevator to the ground floor, pass the reception leaving the building and reach the plaza. We follow the signs for ArcCorp Plaza, we cross it until we reach CityFlight Transit and we go to the Convention Center platform, we enter a transport capsule (we can see on the meter how much time is left for the next one to arrive), we get off at the first stop and follow the signs to the Invictus Launch Week event.

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It may seem confusing and following these steps is only necessary if you don’t like getting lost exploring the environment. They also make sense because the free trial has been launched to celebrate the launch week of Invictus, thanks to which we will have the opportunity to make free flights with many of the ships of the different manufacturers of the game, as well as see holograms. the designs of some of the ships that are currently under development.

The ships are the center of Star Citizen and since it is a large simulator and multiplayer, there are true portents of space engineering that can be purchased with real money. Models like the Kraken Privateer or the Javelin cost $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 respectively. Others like the Aurora ES or the P-52 Merlin can be purchased for $ 20 or $ 25.

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  • About ships prices, a basic starter package at 30$ to 45$ (depending on taxes or discount) is valid to enjoy the game in its full (still alpha state).

    This is possible as ships are available to purchase through in game credits since more than a year. enjoy your free fly… but expect some bugs or crash as the game is in heavy development.