Splatoon 2: the new update is coming with many balance adjustments

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Although new events will probably not be scheduled for Splatoon 2, developers are working hard to update and balance the famous all-paint and splash game for Nintendo Switch.

On the Japanese Twitter account of Splatoon 2, the developers published the details of the first update, Ver.5.1.0, which will arrive on January 6 in Europe. The patch will significantly affect the balance of the game with many small corrections and innovations including the re-modulation of the ink consumption for some specific weapons, the reduction of the amount of ink that is sprayed with a single shot, the reduction of the number of available projectiles and much more.

The developers then added a note that reads: "In this update, we have adjusted the power and the difference in effectiveness from the distance for some weapons, within the limit where the importance of selecting a particular character does not significantly change for the player who In addition, we have considered the gradual adjustment of the buki for the next updates by carefully analyzing the buki that have weaknesses and advantages compared to those on which we want to intervene ".

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Nintendo then confirmed that another update for Splatoon 2 will arrive at the end of April 2020. The big N company is preparing to face Christmas and it seems that in countries like the United States, Switch's stocks will be insufficient to meet consumer demand.

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