Spider-Man: the story of my life, the Marvel comic book review

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Immortality is the most elective characteristic that has always marked the boundary between reality and superhero-like realism. A dogma carved on paper by the founding fathers of the comics genre which, despite passing generations over generations of authors and readers, is in no way affected: being able to live forever. the highest and longed for human utopia. You will have read all the colors about some of the most iconic Marvel deaths but, at the same time, you will also have been witnesses of the most classic "rebirth" operations dictated by a useful editorial scheme, with the right time intervals, to give breath to the hero in turn and then return, perhaps flanked by a rampant artist, with more polish and vigor than before. But … Have you ever witnessed the beginning and end of any character dear to you? There is always a first time and, fortunately, also of quality thanks to Spider-Man: the story of my life.

Published by Panini Comics Italy, the register is officially available for purchase and we can only advise you with a solemn motivation: it's one of the best "What If" ever. Such products can be appreciated even more by fans of the character, since they will be able to grasp every possible detail and differences compared to the original script. Still, a story like this is perfect even for those unfamiliar with the classic original narrative strand. On both sides, there are therefore no excuses for not giving this Marvel product a good chance.

The sense of guilt spider

Stan Lee and Steve Dikto in 1962 created Peter Parker / Spider-Man by inserting him perfectly into that time period. From that moment, even with small changes, no author has ever wanted to age the character while making it set in contemporary times. But what if Spidey had aged from the day of his creation? They try to answer this interesting question Chip Zdarsky, winner of the Eisner Awards 2019 (with the aforementioned work), and Mark Bagley, iconic Spider-Man designer since the 90s.

The operation carried out is to be praised given the skillful skill in summarizing, in a short narrative cycle, the voluminous and multifaceted adventures that the friendly neighborhood wall climber lived in his intense and never banal daily life. Built in the most basic of formulas, Spider-Man: the story of my life will go over (with numerous changes that you will find from page to page) the beginning, the experience between joys and sorrows and the end of the character most loved by Stan Lee and perhaps of the whole world given its imposing symbolism. Already speaking of the symbol that Spider-Man represents for Marvel, it is Zdarsky himself who emphasizes it in a roaring way thanks to his precise desire to make it even closer to ourselves, enhancing the human side as the doubts about his work and emotional fragility always still on Peter Parker's shoulders.

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A real sense of spider guilt that, starting from the well known death of Uncle Ben (also proposed here in the most faithful way possible), it will lead him several times to verge on the absolute zero of self-esteem and ask existential questions such as putting the common good in front of the personal one. Or choose which war was right or wrong, whether to participate or not and whether, absurdly, to go against the nation he loved and protected to the last breath. This book gives gods intimate moments between Peter Parker and his inner self enough to make the reader stop to think about his own life.

A valuable fresco of life lived

Easy to say that the design is level, especially if there is a totem in the middle like the good old Bagley. However, it is difficult to better manage your trait in something so familiar, given his years spent inking Spidey's adventures on paper, as bizarre, since there are some substantial changes in the narrative aspect. The draftsman succeeded in the task of emphasize even more than usual the expressiveness of some key characters, the Norman Osborn on duty for example, giving that shade of desperate resignation that only the progress of time can perfectly affect the human face.

A trait well supported by a color palette well faithful to each decade narrated in the work and that, especially in the darker chapter of Spider-Man's life (the encounter with the symbiote), it will make the reader remain literally entranced. You will want to admire every technical / artistic detail present on the tables of the work. In short, a fresco of life lived by Peter Parker and his chaotic life full of love and hate. A dichotomous inner relationship that will lead you, at the last bars of this superheroic review, to feel feelings that, perhaps, until then you have never experienced towards this character.

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