Spider-Man: the best comics about Miles Morales, waiting for the PS5 game

We recently admired it on the occasion of the reveal of Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales for PS5 and, after a path of pure media ascension, it is appropriate to say it: Miles Morales, aka Spider-Man, has definitely become a new icon of pop culture. Although his editorial life is rather young (he was born in 2011 thanks to the intuition of Brian Bendis and the art of our Sara Pichelli) the good Morales, the first African-American to wear the superhero costume best known to the mass on an equal footing by Batman.

The results now play so much in favor of this beloved version of Spider-Man so much to become the protagonist of a personal chapter himself which will presumably be available at the launch of PlayStation 5. For this reason we decided to recommend some of the best stories to read with the good Miles as protagonist useful to both novices of the genre and to those who initially turned their mouths for this new "alternative" to the well-known and iconic Peter Parker. Give it a chance, you will hardly regret it.

Civil War II (2016)

Don't worry, we know how much the second revival of the Civil War crossover was not received as worthily as the first narrative arc of Millar and McNiven.

So why do we offer you this story? Simple, inside you can find Miles Morales absolute protagonist with so many narrative implications, subsequently, to make itthe needle of the balance for the fate of Secret Empire, the saga focused on a Captain America under full mental control by Hydra. In short, to read.

The Prowler Saga

Present in his first editorial raids, the narrative arc dedicated to Prowler is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best paper works starring Morales.

Without going into detail, as there are many narrative plot twists, just know that the clash with Prowler is one of the most important moments within the path of growth and maturation of the character who, some time after this meeting, will finally arrive in part of the Avengers. Highly recommended to read also given the excellent character and warlike facet of Prowler.

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Spider (2015)

Did you like Spider-Man: A New Universe in cinema? Well, then you must not miss the recent Spider-Spider conceived by Dan Slott for any reason.

A classic crossover for everyone the various dimensional wall climbers who will have to join forces to face a powerful common threat: the Heirs, an atypical family thirsty for the life force of each of them. The crossover is a great way to get to know many, but many new Spideys and, of course, admire the deeds of our Miles Morales.

The war of Venom

The most dramatic story starring Miles Morales sees the light in 2013 and takes the name of "The War of Venom". Even the new Arrampicamuri will have to face the symbiote and, in the final stages of an excited battle, such a traumatic event will happen in his life enough to induce him to destroy his own costume and abandon his secret identity. Not a good story, more.

Miles Morale: Spider-Man

This new magazine dedicated to Miles Morales is currently under construction in Italy edited by Panini Comics Italia and, having arrived at the eighth pin, we can serenely unbutton giving you a proper advice: although the trait is somewhat particular, perhaps not appreciated by anyone, the various narrative arches inside will give you no small satisfaction.

There is everything that has appreciated about this Spidey with the addition of new interesting enemies to face face to face. In short, it is very interesting despite not having been structured by the original creators of this important new Marvel character.


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