Spider-Man: A very rare Spider-Man wooden Funko Pop is coming

Funko Pop collectors will soon have to battle it out for a very rare one limited edition in fake wood of Spider-Man. The figurine adds to Marvel’s Wood Deco line.

From the collaboration between Funko, Marvel and Entertainment Earth was born the exclusive Wood Deco line-up, that is special Funko Pop in imitation wood. After Captain America, Iron Man and Groot, this collection expands with the arrival of the Spider-Man figurine. The three previous Funko Pops are no longer available for purchase for some time, so this new arrival is also expected to be sold out in a short time.

Funko Pops are made from vinyl, but the Wood Deco line uses a special painting technique which makes each statue look like it is carved from wood. Spider-Man Wood Deco Pop can be purchased exclusively at the official Entertainment Earth shop at a price of $ 14.99. If you fail to find this POP, you can console yourself with the promotional video of Spider-Man number 850. The cover of this volume of Spider-Man is signed by Joe Quesada.

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Funko and Marvel also announced the arrival of the Funko Pop dedicated to WandaVision. This collection includes Wanda and Vision 50s style in black and white, Wanda and Vision in Halloween version and a 70s style version of them.


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