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         Spain fines a cinema for the first time for preventing access with food from abroad

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It is clear that the cinema is not going to eat – unless it is an Alamo Drafthouse or some facility that has a restaurant service – but if you are one of those who cannot watch a movie without a good soda and something to put in your mouth, and you are tired of the generally abusive prices of the multiplex bars, you are in luck.

According to El País, after years of dimes, direct and contradictory information from exhibitors and consumers, has sat precedent with the first fine to a movie theater for prohibiting access to its facilities with food and drink from outside to its spectators. According to the sentence, already ratified, the Spain multiplexes, in Zafra —Badajoz— must pay a sum of € 3,000 in sanction concept.

The Ministry of Health condemns this practice

For years, these types of practices have been called into question by organizations such as the Spanish Consumer Agency of the Ministry of Health, from where it was stated in 2017 that "The practice of prohibiting the introduction of food and drinks purchased outside the movie theater, being allowed to consume those same products when they are purchased inside, is illegal and abusive" .


Rubén Sánchez, of Facua – who denounced the case at hand – states that in 2018 it was seen "A huge increase in cinemas that prohibit entry with food and drink, because they see that nothing happens. They force you to buy there when it is worth triple or quadruple than abroad. This gives them a lot of profit margin." In addition, he added the following reflection:

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“In a restaurant they can prohibit you from entering with your own food, but the main activity of a cinema is not to serve food, but to show films. That is why we have been telling the Public Administrations for decades what they expect to sanction companies that break the law. ”

It seems that justice is finally taking action on the matter. Now all that remains is that we behave as human beings, civic and ordained in movie theaters. That, or that the manufacturers of french fries invent a container that does not make a deafening noise capable of shading any Dolby Atmos system.

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