Spaceship Earth Release Date, Cast and More

Spaceship Earth


Spaceship Earth is a documentary based on a real-life story of a few ecologists, adventures, and artists who stayed in a man-made ecosystem for two years. They called it biosphere 1. It was in the early 1990s that Biosphere 1 actually happened somewhere in the Arizona desert. Spaceship earth is an excellently put forward attempt to showcase the series of events that took place back then. Directed by Matt Wolf, this 115 minutes long documentary has won the hearts of many.


The cast and the crew of the documentary might not be some very popular artists but each one of them has performed excellently. The praise for the script and the actors is actually worth it. The main cast includes John Allen, Abigail Ailling, Margaret Augustine, Steven Banon, Ed Bass, Tony Burgess, William Dempster, and many more. All the publicity that the documentary has received, the major part of the credit goes to the actors. The movie has been nominated in the Miami Film festival and Sundance film festival 2020.


The documentary was released at the beginning of 2020. Since then the fan following, publicity, and award nominations have been a regular thing to do for the production house. Portraying such an event in a manner that every individual who got a chance to be a part of this historic document was awestruck. Starting from the production to all other crew members everyone has put their best foot forward. For those who have missed watching it, do that tight away otherwise you will regret watching something very adventurous and beautiful in all aspects.

The viewers say that they still seem to be fantasied by the kind of production they were fortunate enough to see. To summarize, a great documentary, superb acting skills, and awesome effects made it’s every scene worth watching.

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