Space Jam 2, the first merchandising items are already on sale!

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Those who have time do not wait for time, says the old adage: Warner Bros. seems to have perfectly understood the message and has decided to start using the brand of Space Jam well in advance of the release of the film with LeBron James.

The release of Space Jam 2 is in fact still scheduled for the summer of 2021 (and for now we have not, fortunately, been talking about postponements), but the production he wasted no time and has decided to put the first items of official merchandising on the market.

For now it is simply two editions of the same cap, black fabric and logo of the film printed on the front: the variant is simply the positioning of the logo, straight in the first version and reversed in the second (one of the two hats has already been sold out, having only been made available in 100 units).

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In short, for the other gadgets related to this sequel to the famous one film with Michael Jordan presumably we will have to wait for the release date to approach: until then, for those who already want to enter the mood, all they have to do is put their hand in the wallet and proceed to purchase this first copy. Let's see, in the meantime, what will be the title of this Space Jam 2; in the last poster of Space Jam 2 by BossLogic, moreover, we saw a LeBron already in great shape.

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