Soy will withdraw all creations in Dreams inspired by Nintendo licenses

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A few days ago a player from Dreams He said that Nintendo had demanded the elimination of one of his creations in the Media Molecule game because he was using one of its intellectual properties, specifically that of Super Mario.

Now it seems that Sony has decided to remove each and every one of the creations of the game that contain clear references to the properties of Nintendo, as they have told in a statement that GameIndustry.biz shared.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is notifying affected users that a notice of copyright infringement has been received from Nintendo and that content will be removed. We cannot talk about the volume of content that will be deleted because it is being done individually on a case-by-case basis.

Nintendo has always protected its original characters and ideas from any kind of recreation that may damage or distort in any way the way they were conceived and the company itself wants to treat them. It is the umpteenth time that we see them take action on the matter when it comes to curbing the use without permission of their licenses.

In recent days, gamers have been criticizing Nintendo's decision, claiming that Dreams' creations are nothing more than a new type of fan art, a type of tribute that Nintendo has not charged against when it comes to musical arrangements of their compositions. more iconic, drawings or animations of their characters and other content created by the community.

The main problem seems to be using this type of characters and settings in a competitive video game and over which they have no control. It is expected that in the next few days the hundreds of tributes to Nintendo characters that users have been creating in Dreams will begin to disappear.

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