Sony launches the PlayStation Bug Bounty Program: prizes of up to $ 50,000!

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has just announced PlayStation Bug Bounty Program, a public program that aims to engage the community in order to identify vulnerabilities in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network.

"We believe that by working with the community active in the search for security we will be able to provide players with a safer place to play. We have entered into an agreement with HackerOne, which will help us in this program, and now we invite all researchers from the cybersecurity field, gamers and anyone else to test the security of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network ".

Those who can identify security holes will be reward yourself with a cash prize, whose value will vary based on the criticality found. Prizes for PlayStation 4 critical vulnerabilities go up to $ 50,000, while those of the PlayStation Network up to $ 3,000, according to the attached scheme below.

To date, such operations have been conducted in collaboration with private companies. Sony, however, recognizes the skill of some members of the community, therefore has decided to make the program public. More information on the program can be found at this address.

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