Sony is preparing to buy the holding company of the developers of Warframe and Gears Tactics?

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According to Bloomberg, Sony Corporation is among the potential buyers of the Asian holding company Leyou, which owns several well-known studies in the West such as Digital Extremes and Splash Damage.

Leyou it also owns 20% of Certain Affinity, a study born from the will of former Bungie employees, the company is also collaborating with Amazon to produce a video game dedicated to The Lord of the Rings. It also owns 100% of the shares in Athlon Games, the publisher that has published Samurai Shodown in Europe and North America. The news was released by Bloomberg and picked up by Daniel Ahmad, NiKo Partners Senior Analyst who has always been very attentive to the movements of the Japanese industry.

Sony would be in talks for the purchase of the holding company, the value of which is equal to 1.1 billion dollars, up 10% thanks to the interest of the Japanese giant, indiscretion that has made the value of the Chinese company grow in these hours. The PlayStation home will have to contend with various rivals such as iDreamsky (group financed by Tencent) and Century Huatong.

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With this acquisition Sony would thus come into possession as mentioned of a package that includes the studios Digital Extremes (Warframe), Splash Damage (Gears Tactics) and Certain Affinity, team working with 343 Industries on various Halo-themed projects.

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