Sony and Microsoft share advances in their collaboration for cloud gaming

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It is exactly one year since Sony and Microsoft announced a joint collaboration. Something they wanted to delve into together, away from those competition wars that many times promote users. A research work according to which both help each other to improve cloud gaming for the future.

Now, Sony has shared some progress of this joint work, at the same time that it has given clues about what we can expect for the future of this collaboration. An investigation that, as some of you may recall, is based above all on the development of new technology for cloud services. And also with issues of artificial intelligence.

In any case, we have known all these advances thanks to statements that Toru Katsumoto, Sony’s vice president, has made exclusively for the VGC medium. And he has mainly talked about the progress that has been made in the last year.

This is what he has commented on the matter: “In addition to streaming games in the cloud, it has also [addressed the issue of] semiconductors, consumer electronics, and remote solutions. Microsoft Azure has splendid cloud technologies and so far they have given us [clear] explanations. Each side has its merits and it seems that our mutual understanding is improving after the discussions. “.

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Finally, Katsumoto has also spoken about the future. Above all, to highlight that the collaboration will continue to grow in the short and long term. To make matters worse, it has also confirmed that right now they are very focused on finding formulas for cloud gaming to work more efficiently.

This is what he has commented on the matter: “Players usually play at night and there is often server congestion, but not so much in the morning. How can we use servers more effectively and efficiently? This is one of the technical points that we are clarifying with Microsoft.”.

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