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Welcome to Sector 7, the perfect place for all lovers of podcasts … and retro video games! The wonderful Chrono Trigger was just 25 years old. One of the best SNES games of its day and, without a doubt, one of the most remembered JRPGs in history. Quite a waste of talent that brought together the creator of the two most important genre sagas of the moment: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Although, to tell the truth, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yuji Horii were not the only two big names of the "Dream Team" that conceived this beautiful work. We also have to mention Akira Toriyama, Yoshinori Kitase, or Masato Kato, among many others. The result was an unforgettable title, which drank from sagas like Final Fantasy, but which also provided elements and unique characteristics. In this program, we review them all. From curiosities of development to the game itself. Reviewing all its history (without weight spoilers), as well as its combat system or the excellent dungeons it offered.

As it could not be otherwise, we do it by connecting the past (with nostalgia, history and personal anecdotes) with the present. The latter, in relation to the different ways we have to play today and, above all, talking about how the decision that Squaresoft had in its day, when it decided not to launch the game in Europe, has affected many players.

On the other hand, and although it is only in passing, there are also references to its great sequel: Chrono Cross, which came out on PSX and did not reach our territory either (and still has not). Even from a more unknown kind of "sequel" called Radical Dreamers.

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In this program the sections also return. Or in this case, that of Andrés Miguel (Cyberio): "That Wonderful One …". If you have not yet listened to the previous incursions, you should know that in this space, Cyberio thoroughly reviews a month from 16 years ago. In this case, March 2004. We started with a review of other industries such as film and music and ended with everything that gave of itself at the level of video games. Everything to finally finish off with a main game that we talked about in depth. Although we will not squash the surprise.

As always, we hope that you continue to share your messages to continue reading them in each program (here we review the comments of Graphic Adventures). And remember that we also accept proposals and complaints to continue improving. We listen to each other!

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