Snack World Explorers of Dungeon Gold: the roguelike RPG is preparing to land on Switch

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The digital forges of Level-5 churn out a new gameplay video of Snack World Explorers of Dungeon to confirm the arrival on Nintendo Switch of the Gold version of this sparkling RPG roguelike appeared on 3DS and subsequently proposed on mobile systems.

The launch trailer for Snack World Explorers by Dungeon Gold sets for the February 14 the release of the title on Nintendo Switch. The protagonists of this role-playing adventure are explorers called to recover invaluable treasures hidden inside dungeons protected by hordes of enemies and the inevitable final boss.

Each user-explorable scenario is procedurally generated by a shrewd system that adapts to the skills and growth of our alter-ego's equipment levels. Before leaving for these dungeons, players can use the shops and hangouts of theCity hub to prepare for battle and team up with other adventurers to take down monsters that threaten the peace of their community.

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A system of "collectible companions", the Snack, which can be used in the dungeons to turn the tide of any magical or white weapon fight through the use of their special abilities. While waiting to find out how Snack World is doing on Switch, we remind all fans of open-world adventures that the free The Touryst demo is recently available on eShop.

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