Slitherine turns 20 and celebrates the event with fans of strategic games

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TO twenty years since the opening of Slitherine in that of Epsom (United Kingdom), the leaders of the company specializing in the production, distribution and development of strategic games celebrated the event with a double video that accompanies social initiatives with fans of the genre.

The first video involves all the actors of the digital entertainment industry (there is also the good Francesco Fossetti!) And the fans who have carefully followed the growth of the playful and content offerings of this important business reality. With the second video we see one instead nice scene in computer graphics that immortalizes the heroes of the games launched from 2000 to today under the Slitherine label, a legacy that has helped make the company founded by Ian McNeil like "the house of the Wargames".

To celebrate this event in style, from here to July 6 several streamers will present the upcoming Slitherine games and the most iconic titles released by the company. In recent months, the English company has wanted to embrace the most original works by opening the K-Project, a program in support of independent authors who wish to promote and launch their strategic titles.

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In photographing this important moment of Slitherine, the CEO McNeil explained that "In these twenty years we have faced challenges, we have built solid foundations and we have almost crumbled them, we have made wrong choices and we have made excellent ones. We have found real friends but also rivals. We have launched good products and even some terrible titles But when things got tough, we grew to move on to the next level. Today Slitherine and Matrix Games are experiencing unprecedented growth, with never so many opportunities to seize. This is a journey that takes years, but let's look to the future with confidence and with the promise to continue creating games for strategy lovers, without ever forgetting where we come from and how it all began ".

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