Skully has a release date: the bizarre skull soon arriving on PC and console

Developed in the studies of Finish Line Games and edited by Modus Games, the bizarre title featuring a skull revived by a mysterious divinity is preparing to arrive on PC and console.

Resurfaced on the shores of a mysterious atoll, the protagonist will be brought back to life with the aim of intervening in a war involving the three brothers of the divine entity which offered him a second chance. In an attempt to preserve the island, which is likely to be destroyed by conflict, the skull, nicknamed Skully, will have to wander in this strange tropical paradise, using all his skills to make his way through the proposed settings.

As a skull, the movement options are clearly not many, but this peculiar videogame alter ego can easily roll and make great leaps. Long 18 levels and 7 settings, Skully will be able to count on three different forms in which to transform itself to face the numerous enemies present on the island. To give you a more detailed idea of gameplay proposed by Skully, at the opening of this news you will find a game session lasting about 10 minutes, published by Modus Games. At the bottom there are some available images.

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Skully will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next August 4, 2020.


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