Skate XL: three new maps created by modders will be available at launch

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The fashion of digital skateboarding is returning strongly to the honors of the video game news. Among the many titles announced Skate XL, already available in early access, will offer three new maps created in collaboration with some modders at launch.

The developers of Easy Day they collaborated with some of the best modders in the Steam community to give each map improved graphics and a unique setting. The three scenarios will be made available at the official launch on PC and console on July 28th.

The first map is the Grant Skate Park, a version of one of Chicago's most famous skate parks located near the lake offers one of the best urban views of the windy city. The map Streets instead it mixes a series of influences, from the descents of San Francisco to iconic destinations in New York and Los Angeles. Finally Hűdland Training Facility, a skate park covered with handrails and quarterpipes, a real illuminated warehouse.

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Before leaving you to the movie, we remind you that Skate XL will be released on July 28 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts has also relaunched the series Skate with the announcement of the fourth chapter that is rumored to be open world.

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