Sigourney Weaver will narrate the James Cameron Secrets Of The Whales documentary

The amazing couple formed by Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron is ready to try the new project Secrets Of The Whales, signed documentary National Geograophic of which they will respectively be narrator and director.

The docu-series will be structured in 4 episodes, which will take us to the sea depths to find out habits, family arrangements and social behavior of whales, the giants of the sea too often victims of real hunts that put their future at risk. The filming of the documentary lasted 3 years and the project was curated Brian Skerry, explorer for National Geographic and one of the best ocean photographers in the world. In his career Skerry has indeed spent more than 10,000 hours underwater, documenting unexplored territories and clarifying environmental issues, which often led to political change.

"The National Geographic has long since strengthened our bond with the world around us and I am honored to collaborate with them to tell this wonderful series ", Weaver said. "Viewers can closely observe the extraordinary grace and power of these magnificent creatures. They will get to know them so intimately that they eventually realize how similar men and whales are. "

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"Secrets of the Whales has all the elements I love, like the new technology used for scientific investigation and wrapped in a great narrative that excites and emotionally stimulates the audience "Cameron commented. "I am proud to work with National Geographic, a longtime partner, to show incredible new images about the world of whales, their emotions and their magnificence. These majestic and mysterious animals continue to surprise us. "

The docu-series will be presented for the world premiere on the occasion of Earth day 2021, which will be held as every year on April 22nd and will be translated into 43 languages ​​and distributed in 172 countries.


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