Shooting sex scene Irene Arcos and Álvaro Morte

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Verónica Sánchez, Irene Arcos, Álvaro Morte Y Roberto Enriquez among others he returns to Movistar + with the second season. The new chapters, available from this weekend, will serve to unravel all the mysteries that the first season left.

Now that Alejandra has confessed who Veronica really is, everyone who was established in the first chapters cracks. The roles of the two women will be reversed: Veronica, who until now had been the mistress, becomes the deceived one, while Alejandra, with that incessant need to rationally understand what happened to her husband, becomes a hedonistic woman who He lives a poly-loving relationship without questions, prejudices and guilt blocking his emotions and his identity. The emergence of new data on the last days of Oscar's life causes something seemingly difficult: that the two women have to team up to discover what really happened with their death and, in addition, turn to Conrado, to reveal all that there is around Oscar's death, besides giving free rein to his primary instincts.

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Arcos and Sánchez have told us details about what they have been working on in this series. You have to keep in mind that in 'El embarcadero' there are many sex scenes. When asked about it, a curious anecdote came out that Irene Arcos lived with Álvaro Morte in her first sex scene. Not everything is nerves or shyness, things that unintentionally happen, help to make everything more relaxed on the set. The answer you have in the video above.

'El embarcadero' is an original Movistar + production in collaboration with Vancouver Media and Atresmedia Studios.

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