Sex Education Should End With A Season 4

Sex Education Should End With A Season 4

After being revealed in early 2020, Season 3 of “Sex Education” is finally available to stream on Netflix.

Season 3 of “Sex Education” has been put back from its initial Spring 2021 launch date, as has been the case with many other movies and TV series affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

The wait was well worth it, as the third season is proving to be a bit as good as the previous two.

Sex Education Season 4 Release

The simple notion of Sex Education wowed viewers. The show follows a group of teenagers as they navigate school, sex, gender, and identity, and it covers a wide range of issues, making it one of the finest TV shows of 2021.

Sex Education should finish with season four, despite the fact that it has brought taboo themes to light and educated as well as entertained.

Since the first two seasons premiered in January, many fans were anticipating seeing the fourth season in January. That, however, was not the case. We’re now in February, and there’s no sign of a fourth season on the horizon.

This isn’t surprising, given that primary photography hasn’t even begun. Filming is expected to begin much later than expected.

Sex Education was renewed for a fourth season by Netflix in September 2021. Season Four has a lot of explaining after the cliffhanger finish of Season Three.

What’s next for Otis and Maeve, for starters? After two and a half seasons of yearning, these star-crossed lovers eventually admitted their emotions for one another in Season Three.

However, Maeve put her relationship on pause as soon as she got the opportunity to study in the United States. Will they pursue a transcontinental relationship in Season 4, or will long-distance be their undoing?

Sex Education Season 4 Cast

Despite their popularity, the ensemble is getting too old to play teenagers. Some cast members are in their 30s, which is far too old to continue playing teenagers and provide the near-accurate portrayals of real-life situations that Sex Education is known for.

The show’s fundamental notion and an essential element, of course, the high school setting, but the ensemble is growing beyond the age they’re portraying with each season.

With the majority of the teenage characters in their early to mid-twenties, their genuine ages are starting to overlap too drastically.

Except for Jemima Kirke, whose Hope Haddon will likely quit the scene now that she’s been deposed as Moordale’s Head Teacher, there’s no reason to believe any of the key cast members will leave the program.

Nonetheless, the good news is we have new characters for the upcoming season. Abbi and Kent, two trans college students, have already been cast in Sex Education.

Final Words

Unfortunately, we haven’t received confirmation from Netflix that the teen drama will return in 2022. So, we believe it’s reasonable to predict that Sex Education season 4 will premiere in 2023. The fourth season could debut at the start of the year, perhaps in January.

For the time being, this is our best release date projection. What are your thoughts on Sex Education season 4?

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