seven years ago the first episode

A few weeks ago, with the end of the seventh season, the Marvel series Agents of SHIELD has come to the conclusion. Yesterday, September 24, has a special meaning for fans of the show: exactly seven years ago, in fact, the first episode aired. Many have remembered it on social media.

Agents of SHIELD’s “birthday” was heavily celebrated on Twitter, with posts ranging from nostalgia the exaltation of their favorite characters, up to the reasons that prompted the spectators to follow faithfully the series until the last episode.

Some of the tweets can also be seen at the bottom of the news. User @aos_stan, for example, wrote: “It’s been seven years since the start of Agents of SHIELD. I can’t explain what the show means to me. It got me through mine darkest moments and I’ll never forget it. The series will always have a very important place in my heart. “

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@MarvelVulture celebrates the anniversary by posting some photos and writing: “7 years ago, the September 24, 2013, a SHIELD agent put together a team of agents, level 7 was the beginning of their journey… are the Agents of SHIELD. “

@JamieCinematics, on the other hand, remembers how many times the series has risked the early termination, showing some images of the protagonists at the beginning and end of Agents of SHIELD. “After all the near-cancellations, I’ll never stop being grateful for having them for seven full years.”

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