Seven Deadly Sins: the wait is over, the fourth season arrives in January!

After months of absence, and delays in production due to the spread of the pandemic, the studio that deals with the animated transposition of the manga by Nakaba Suzuki has finally announced the return of the anime of Seven Deadly Sins , with the long-awaited fourth season.

In conjunction with the publication in Japan of the final volume of the series, on 25 March 2020, the Season 4 announcement trailer Seven Deadly Sins, which had initially scheduled the debut of these latest episodes for the month of October.

Due to COVID-19 however, the whole world of animation has slowed down seriously, and therefore Studio Deen has been forced to postpone the release of new episodes, announcing only recently the return to the fantastic and terrible world created by Suzuki, scheduled for January 2021.

Although nothing is known about the number of actual episodes, it is plausible to think of the 24 seen in the previous transpositions. Below is the synopsis of the fourth season: "To undo the curse that weighs more and more on Elizabeth, Meliodas has decided to become the king of demons. For this, he allies with his brothers to recover and absorb all the precepts of the Ten Commandments. Elizabeth, who absolutely disagrees with this plan, escapes and rises to command the Seven Deadly Sins to thwart the plans of her beloved. Ludociel, therefore, together with the archangels proposes to recreate Stigma, and to break out a new Holy War, thus threatening the peace that has lasted for 3000 years … "

Recall that a one shot for Seven Deadly Sins has also been announced, which will arrive on Weekly Stonen Magazine, and for those who want to do a rewatch pending the return of the anime, the third season of Seven Deadly Sins will be available on Netflix from August 6 .

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