Setién and Bordalás: "forgetfulness" and "respect" to one day of the match between Barça and Betis

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Since 2013, when both coaches met in Second Division at the head of Lugo and Alcorcón, Quique Setién Y Jose Bordalás There have been numerous parties marked by cross-declarations.

Now, after seven years of the start of the controversies, in which they did not greet each other before the games with Bordalás in Getafe and when Setién was addressing Betis, it seems that none of them wants to talk too much about this controversy.

"It's a subject that I have absolutely forgotten and I am not going to speak absolutely anything about it, "the Barça coach answered when asked a couple of times about it in the usual press conference on the eve of the game.

Bordalás, meanwhile, said Friday that does not save any "kind of resentment" to Quique Setién. "Every year you ask me the same thing when I have to face teams that Quique Setién trains. I respect him, I am a person that I don't have any kind of resentment and that I value any profession very much. That is more than forgotten, "he said.

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"It is clear that I like football in general. I respect all the coaches very much. I like many things about Quique Setién's equipment. I will not go into details, I am not to analyze the rival. I like many things about Setién, Simeone, Zidane, there are many great coaches in our League, "he added.

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