Sergio Mayer shows his face and says that José Joel wanted to “make a circus” with the death of his father (video)

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The former Garibaldi says that the singer's son always knew where José José's body was

Following the statements of Jose Joel where he assured that Sergio Mayer He did not help his family so that José José's body could travel to Mexico, the deputy defends himself.

It was in an interview with the program "Come the Joy" where the actor took the claws against the stem of "The Prince of the Song".

“I did not go to Miami to take sides, to see who was the good and who was the bad, nor did I go to judge. From the first or second day José José died, I made my father-in-law's plane (Jaime Camil Garza) available, that is, there was not even a government plane, there was always a very good intention, ”he said.

According to former Garibaldi, thanks to him a negotiation was achieved between Sara, the youngest daughter of José José, and her older brothers José Joel and Marysol, since she served as an intermediary.

"When José Joel is denying my participation, he is denying the Federal Chancellery, it seems disrespectful to me this kind of comments he made, it is from an ungrateful personI also wrote to him, I said:: I think you are not aware of the communication I have with Laura (former assistant of José José) and with your mother (Anel) ’, he did not answer me,” he added.

He even revealed that José Joel wanted to continue doing theater about where his father's body was when he arrived in Miami, but it was the Mexican authorities who asked him to fold his hands.

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"ANDl Consulate (of Mexico in the United States) always told José Joel where the body was, signed agreements that did not respect secrecy, agreements not to give statements.

That's what he said

“They (José Joel and Marysol) wanted to continue with all that media circus, they knew what time they were going to cream it, how they were going to cream it, they knew everything, because an agreement was signed that they have kept with secrecy, because they were like that, you can't teach ”.

“The body could not travel to Mexico and then be returned because you break all international treaties, you can transfer a person and return it to Mexico, but a body cannot, if you do the repatriation of a body you cannot return it again because it is illegal, then or had to come in ashes or no longer return ”.

Sergio Mayer, actor and politician.

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