Selena Gomez is crowned as the best older sister in the world

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The singer took her little sister Gracie to the premiere of Frozen 2 with incredible matching outfits

Selena Gomez is crowned as the best older sister in the world

Selena Gomez.

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Have a famous big brother, especially if it is a factory star Disney, supposes the dream of any child for the advantages it reports without having to deal in the first person with the less pleasant consequences of fame. If it wasn't already, this Thursday Selena Gomez will have officially become the heroine of his six-year-old sister Gracie by choosing her as your companion to attend the premiere in Hollywood than expected sequel to ‘Frozen’.

The experience was even more magical if it fits the little one because both they dressed up with some Marc Jacobs flower dresses and striking layers adorned with feathers and silver sequins inspired by the characters in the animated film. Further, Selena even made some braids like what Anna's character looks like.

As they passed through the red carpet, the two also had the opportunity to pose with Ana, Elsa and the friendly Olaf, who managed to pull a smile from ear to ear to Gracie.

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It is obvious that the actress and singer, who He didn't stop kissing Gracie To reassure her, she shares a very close bond with her little sister on her mother's side. However, according to rumors, three years ago they barely kept in touch due to the distancing between the celebrity and her mother Mandy Teefy, which would have started following the decision of the first to dispense with the services of her parent as a manager in 2013 and that only got worse when Selena briefly reconciled with her teenage boyfriend Justin Bieber in 2017.

Today it seems that those tensions are a thing of the past and Selena – who has another little stepsister as a result of her father's second marriage – would be more united than ever to her family.

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