Secun de la Rosa tells us, exclusively, the details of her debut opera

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After more than 20 years writing and directing such successful plays as ‘The Crystal Disc’, Secun de la Rosa debuts as director of feature films with ‘The cover’, who faces “Respect, desire and a lot of fear” Y whose distribution we reveal today exclusively. Marina Salas, Álex Monner, Juan Diego, Carolina Yuste and María Hervás they will star in this movie with songs – not musical – that will tell “The story of Dani (Monner), a waiter who has lost his parents, who were part of the 90's generation, of drugs and of pastilleo, and who grew up with his grandfather (Diego). For a summer he meets Sandra (Salas), a singer who worships British stars in a hotel in Benidorm. I am very interested in that double universe, how singers live in those hotels. ”

A very special story for Secun and with which he wants to pay a kind of tribute "To all the people who love and feel art, for which there is so much contempt today". Filming will start in Benidorm on Wednesday 19 and will feature special collaborations, “Singers and friends whom I love, admire and who have wanted to participate”. Without overtaking too much, we can announce that Carmen Machi will give life to the mother of the protagonist's best friend, whom he embodies Lander Otaola; Y Jorge Calvo it will get into the skin of a transformer impersonator. A group of endearing characters whose plots will revolve around Shirley's, an English bar where Moni (María Hervás) waitress works and whose name pays tribute to Shirley Bassey.

Personal references

Because, for his debut, Secun has been nourished by many memories: “I come from a tremendous world, a suburb of the outskirts of Barcelona and I have always been attracted to those nights in which the fishermen of Mercabarna met with the most modern. That mixture of humble people ecstatic before a flamenco… That universe of transformers who gathered in the Metro ”.

Produced by Nobody is perfect (Kiko Martínez) and with the collaboration of Universal Music, the film will feature mythical and lesser-known songs by stars such as Amy Winehouse (who imitates the character of Carolina Yuste) or Adele (whose cover gives marine life).

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“It has not been hard for me to convince them to sing”, the director tells us. Moreover, some actors have pleasantly surprised him: "You don't know how Carolina Yuste sings Winehouse's" Back To Black "… It has left us all crazy."

Friends and directors

In his first experience as a director, and although he had prepared thoroughly "Shooting some shorts that have not come to light to fuse me during these years," de la Rosa has had the support and advice of some of her best friends in the profession. “David Serrano, with whom I debuted, stayed with me to read the script; my friend Paco León has also called me to tell me about his experiences as an actor who also puts himself behind the cameras; Raúl Arévalo has offered to help me … I have felt very supported. ” Because everyone has closely followed the effort and hard work that, over the years, has helped him get where he is today: “I have fought a lot with my company, in circuits indies… And many colleagues have told me that I had to direct my first film ”

Benidorm, movie set

Secun will coincide in the city of Alicante with Isabel Coixet, who rolls these days there ‘It snows in Benidorm’. “I love Coixet and we even share some actor in our deals, but let's say we have taken different parts. My movie is focused on the redoubt of a hotel full of English. But this rebirth of Benidorm seems wonderful to me ”.

Finally, he confesses that he will have a brief appearance in the film: “There is a very special moment in which the singer Esmeralda Rancapino interprets a beautiful theme, just when Juan Diego's character discovers her truth. And there appear some presenters of the tablao where it acts. Another actor and I will be in those sequences. ”

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